Dog Rescue


This is our procedure for adopting one of our animals

  1. The first step is you come and visit the rescue on our opening times
  2. Have a look around
  3. speak to a member of our team as to what you are wishing to adopt
  4. we will guide you around and assit you to the animals we think may be suitable
  5. you and your family can go for as many walks as you like with the dogs to see if any seem to like you and vise verser
  6. Once you think you have found your new forever friend you will be ask to fill out a application form which a member of management will check to see if you will be suitable for the dogs needs.
  7. If there is a special animal you think is suitable for your family then you can put a reserve on it ( we only put one reserve down so you will not be in a endless queue )
  8. Once your reserve has been done we will then come and do a home inspection
  9. If your home check passes you will then be allowed to come back to the rescue to sign for the adoption of your new family pet

Adopt a dog in lincon

Once your adoption is complete you will be going home with the your new pet with the following :

  • Worm treatment ( this will be done at rescue with Drontal )
  • Flea treatment ( this will be done at rescue with Frontline )
  • Vaccination ( 1st ), some of the dogs will be fully vaccinated, this is done by a quailified vet and not kennel staff members,
  • Health check and signed health certificate, this is done by a qualified vet ( stamped and signed ) and not just guessed by staff members.
  • Dental Check with scale & polish if required, Plus Nail Trim
  • microchip
  • 4 weeks Pet insurance ( Instant Cover )
  • neutered or spayed ( every dog that leaves the rescue will be neutered or spayed unless our vet says otherwise due to a medical reason ).
  • care plan sheet
  • bath or groom where needed
  • There is a adoption fee required to help cover the cost of the above and the rest goes towards basic costs of the running of the rescue ( vet bills, electric, water, insurance, and staff wages, food, maintenece etc )


If unsure check the vaccination card and ask which Vet health check the dog ( as this will state on the vaccination card ) and check that it has been done by a qualified vet and NOT just kennel staff as this could result in underlining problems ( i.e. heart murmurs, eye ulcers , tumours etc ) not being identified to you before the dog is rehomed ?

Any dog should be vaccinated against Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Distemper and Leptospirosis.

As we are a self funded rescue we do not get paid for having the dogs here like the council contracted kennels are so we have to relay on any donations of food and blankets to help us, we also DO NOT put animals to sleep after they have done there 8 days.

we take in members of the public dogs that no longer can keep them and also dogs from other kennels that will put them to sleep as they have not been claimed from being a stray or are too full

We have a donation fee that is required to be paid to adopt a dog and this fee goes back into to the centre to help feed the other dogs, pay for vet checks, vet treatment ( for vaccinations, operations etc ), microchipping and bills for water and electric and petrol cost to collect dogs and vet runs.

Our rescue is a none profitable rescue, ( we do not have posh million pound premises we have to rent ours and save up for any repairs, it is not just handed to us on a plate and nor do we go begging for money, we always ask for any donations to be in food or materials so you can be assured that it is going for the animals ).

If anyone thinks that is easy to run a rescue centre then please think again, after 8 years of pure struggle, many sleepless night’s nursing animals, working 14 hours a day 365 days a year, shredding many tears after witnessing unnecessary cruelty to animals, but my passion for animal’s.

This to me is my life not a job, I do not see these animals as a daily chore but great daily pleasure,

Second Chance is only a small rescue, we will take all animals, we take dogs in the kennels up to the age of 8 years old, so for dogs older than 8 years have to go into foster homes.

Ok i am not your typical stereo type kennels but the animals here love it and want for nothing and are very much loved, I have 5 children aged 8 months, 7 yr, 8 yr, 12 yr and 16yr and the dogs learn to be around children and play and go out into the fields following the quad bike having great fun and not only socializing with the children they get used to the ponies, goats, sheep, cows and pigs.

My centre is different to other kennels as the dogs are mainly only kenneled at night or in bad weather, this is my home and also a working farm so please do not turn up in really nice clothes and high heels as you will be greeted by the dogs that are playing on the yard and will probably want to play with you ( so you will get dirty).

My centre is a more relax and friendly rescue to come and watch the dogs play and to really see a honest opinion of a dog and also to see how well it mixes with people and other dogs instead of being just shut being a small kennel door .

Please remember that your are coming to see the dogs in a rescue home DO NOT think you are going to get a perfect dog in rescue, you must understand that :

  • the dogs are here for a reason
  • they might not be perfect but deserve a second chance
  • don’t expect to get a pedigree dog from rescue
  • dont expect a rescue dog to be instanting trained, rescue dogs take at least 6 months to settle, you must be prepaired to help the dog and not give in at the first problem.

We will NOT and nor should any other rescue guarantee that any dog is going to be with any other dog or children or cats, this is at your own risk we can only give you a guidance about the dogs and this can not be a used as a guarantee, ( if any other rescue guarantees you that a dog is ok with dogs, children or cats this is ILLEGAL )

don’t expect too much of a new dog too soon, let it settle in, give it time, give it space, it will not happen over night.

if you have lots of love to give and a nice secure home you will get in return a loyal friend

We do our best here at second chance, after all we are only human, we can not please everybody all the time but we do try our best